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The Bavarian startup network BayStartUP is located in the MTZ and offers our tenants comprehensive, inclusive startup coaching. BayStartUP supports start-ups in optimizing their strategy, building their company and looking for start-up and growth capital with a variety of workshops and seminars on site at the MTZ and online.

The aim of BayStartUP is to significantly increase the chance of successfully completing financing:

With its contacts to leading active early-stage investors, BayStartUP supports founders in approaching investors directly.

As an investor network that has raised 311 million euros in 305 actively managed financing rounds in the pre-seed, seed and series A phases since 2015, BayStartUP has a well-founded insight into the German investor scene.

The investor network updates its contacts continuously and knows the investment focus of the investors.

Max Achmedschin, startup coach at BayStartUP, says:

“As tenants in the MTZ, we are particularly pleased to be able to support you. As a sparring partner with a startup-friendly investor lens, we are on your side. In our financing coaching, we challenge you as entrepreneurs and as a team. No one else will treat you like a real investor – only you don’t take any risks with us.

Unlike a management consultancy, we do not take on any operational tasks for you, but rather help with feedback, suggestions and tips as well as initiating contact with potential investors.

I am looking forward to meet you!”

Max Achmedschin is a startup coach in Munich and head of the three southern Bavarian business plan competitions by BayStartUP. He coordinates all competition activities in Upper Bavaria, Swabia and Lower Bavaria as well as the associated business planning workshops in the respective administrative districts.

He is also the contact person for jurors and teams of participants. He also heads the incubator program BayStartUP Go! in Munich and functions as the contact for all teams in the MTZ.

His contact information:
Max Achmedschin
Startup coach
Head of Business Plan Competitions

+49 (0) 151 46 56 1322

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