The varied selections provided by the food trucks are extremely popular among our tenants. From Monday to Friday, one of the five food trucks rolls up to the Technology Center at lunchtime and sells freshly prepared food right out of the truck. From Italian to Vietnamese cuisine and light lunch bowls, there is something to please any appetite.

Daily Changing Food Trucks

  • Monday Mo
  • Tuesday Tu
  • Wednesday We
  • Thursday Th
  • Friday Fr


Our tenants can start their week off with freshly prepared pasta. The pasta dishes from the Mangiata food truck delight with homemade sauces that are made with fresh ingredients and without any flavor enhancers, preservatives or artificial flavoring. There are three different pasta dishes to choose from every Monday.

Cat Kat Bus

On Tuesday, the Cat Kat Bus rolls up to the MTZ with its fresh lunch bowls. The bowls offer a colorful combination of vegetables, fruit and herbs and can be rounded out with toppings such as meat, fish or a vegan/vegetarian alternative. With so many options, there is something to satisfy any appetite. The Cat Kat Bus serves – whenever possible – local and natural ingredients.

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Xin Chao Viet Food

Does the thought of summer rolls, banh mi or rice noodle bowls make you hungry? Then Wednesday is the day for you, because that’s when the truck Xin Chao Viet Food welcomes you in front of the MTZ. As the name already indicates, the truck offers freshly prepared Vietnamese food.

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Chutney on Top

The culinary journey continues on to India on Thursday. That’s when the Chutney on Top food truck offers the MTZ tenants classics like chicken tikka masala or refreshing mango lassis. And, of course, vegetarian dishes are also on the menu every Thursday. You can count on being nice and full after eating this  authentic Indian street food.

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Luca Pizza

The real pizza like in Italy.
Our pizza is made with the best Italian ingredients
and is baked in the oven at 450 degrees in just 90 seconds:
A little patience and you can experience the unique taste of Luca PIZZA.

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Café in the Foyer

Ready for a coffee break? Coffee drinks, cake and snacks are available for our tenants in the café located in the heart of the brightly lit foyer. The inviting seating area is perfect for a break or quick meetings outside of your own office. During the warmer months, our tenants can also enjoy their breaks in the large outdoor seating area of the MTZ.


In addition to the food trucks and the café, our tenants also have the option of visiting the lunchrooms of the Stadtwerke München or the IT Rathaus. Both lunchrooms are within close walking distance from the MTZ and delight with a wide selection of food that varies each day.

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