The Building

An Open Space for New Ideas

The Munich Technology Center opened at its current location in 2008 and was designed to give young, high-tech companies a place where they can develop and grow. The architecture expresses the openness of the concept and a drive to innovate. MTZ visitors first enter the foyer, which is distinguished by glass, pale concrete and an wide variety of plants. From the foyer, the eye is drawn to the brightly lit offices, the open staircase and what appear to be free-floating meeting boxes. Seating areas and the café invite people to meet up, share ideas and co-work with each other.

Working in a Top Neighborhood

The glass façade of the foyer allows a clear view of the immediate surroundings: To the north, the IT Rathaus of the City of Munich and the Munich Uptown Building with Germany’s Telefónica headquarters. To the east, the world-renowned Olympic ensemble. To the south, the headquarters of Stadtwerke München.

Energy-Efficient and Green

Thanks to concrete core activation, the MTZ is always a pleasant temperature. Moreover, the technology saves energy when heating the building in winter and cooling it in summer. The photovoltaic system on the roof of the MTZ produces additional energy and feeds it into the power grid. The amount of energy produced can be tracked on an electricity meter in the foyer.

The roof also features extensive planting. The plants reduce the amount of sunlight that is reflected, which increases the performance of the photovoltaic system. Moreover, the vegetation provides additional insulation for the roof of the building, protecting it from heat and cold, while also storing rainwater.

Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1,
80992 München


+49 89 323 646 0