Munich Technology Center – Your Next Stop

Munich Technology Center

Your Next Stop

The Munich Technology Center (MTZ) offers young tech companies modern offices and outstanding conditions for growth in a top location near Munich’s Olympic Park. We support our tenants by offering a broad range of services and help them network with each other so great ideas can develop into successful companies.

What we offer

Ideal Conditions

In a prime location, our tenants have a total of 9,345 m² at their disposal that is divided up into individual spaces starting at 24 m². The offer is custom-tailored to suit the needs of young companies: The rental agreements are flexible and additional space can be booked and divided up. Our close collaboration with the startup portal Munich Startup offers startups a unique level of public visibility.

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    Modern offices

    Modern offices

    Offices in different sizes with fiber-optic internet service and flexible expansion options.

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    Seminar rooms

    Seminar rooms

    Ten professional conference and seminar rooms of all sizes with modern technical equipment.

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    The MTZ offers its tenants extensive secretarial services including telephone and fax service, mail service, copy and print service and much more.

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    Marketing & PR

    Marketing & PR

    The online portal Munich Startup reports online and in the social media about companies at the MTZ. This boosts the profiles of our tenants.

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    Professional atmosphere

    Professional atmosphere

    Spectacular architecture, brightly lit offices, modern conference rooms: The MTZ gives companies a location that they are happy to be seen in.

  • Business Coaching

    Business Coaching

    Where can I find an investor? How can I optimize operations? Our partner BayStartUP is based at the MTZ and offers tenants an extensive range of consulting services and seminars.

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    Extensive network

    Extensive network

    The center is home to approximately 100 companies and organizations. The search for a collaborative partner often ends just a few doors away.

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    Diverse culinary offers

    Diverse culinary offers

    Alternating food trucks, the café in the MTZ foyer and restaurants in the surrounding area provide a diverse range of culinary offers.

Always up-to-date

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“The MTZ has quickly become a new home to us. An unforgettable experience was the awesome release event of our prototype here.”

“There were nine of us when we started at the MTZ in 2018. Our team has multiplied several times over since then. Thanks to the support from the MTZ, we were able to easily expand our workspace."

“The MTZ gives us space for exchanging ideas with other innovative companies and the opportunity to grow flexibly in-house.”

“We feel very much at home in the MTZ and the support is excellent! On top of that, everything is barrier free, which was very important to us.”

“The opportunity to actively communicate with other founders and be in your own space as a company were the main reasons we decided to be at the MTZ.”

“For us, the MTZ was the perfect place for University4Industry to grow from a project with one employee to a company with 45 employees.”

“The employees at the MTZ have always made it possible to adapt the office to fully meet our needs as a startup.”

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