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We help companies future-proof their workforce and make better HR and business decisions with smart HR tools and Big Data insights.
HR solutions by HRForecast utilize self-developed Big Data technologies and innovative analytics methods that help industries, organizations, and individuals prepare for the future of work challenges caused by automation, digitalization, etc.
Here at HRForecast, we use the macroeconomic insights to help companies adapt their operating models, forecast future demand of job roles and skills, and build workforce development strategies.




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News from the world of startups


University Rankings: Munich Home to Germany’s Best Universities

In the current issue of “THE World University Rankings,” LMU came in #32 among the best ...

Verso: Sustainability Software for Companies

Munich Startup: Who are you and what does Verso do? Please introduce yourselves!  Andreas Maslo: We, ...

#CoronaUpdate with Fulfin: A Startup That Tripled Its Revenue During the Crisis

Fulfin co-founder Nathan Evan reports in our #CoronaUpdate that the Munich startup was hardly affected ...

Five Things Startups Can Learn from the Podcast Boom

Podcasts are booming. For the Online-Audio-Monitor, a good 7,500 people across Germany were asked which ...

Startup Monitor: Munich Becomes Germany’s Number Two Startup Hotspot

The Startup Monitor shows the cities and states that the participating young companies come from. ...